Cleaning Products

At LMG Glass & Mirror, we carry the top of the line glass and mirror cleaning products in-house. Stop in and pick up some of the wonderful products to help keep your glass or mirror items looking immaculate for years to come.


  • Bio-Clean Water Stain Remover

CRL Bio-Clean is a professional strength cleaner recommended by both glazing contractors and professional window cleaning companies. It is successfully used in hospitals, nursing homes, manufacturing plants, hotels, supermarkets, and other public facilities with difficult to clean surfaces.

· Effectively Removes Water and Mineral Stains, Lime Scale, Calcium, Soap Scum, Oxidation, Rust, Tree Sap, Paint Overspray, Mold, Tarnish, Salt Spray, and Mildew From Glass and Other Surfaces

· Works Great On: Shower Doors, Windows, Glass Surfaces, Tile, Fiberglass, Windshields, Chrome, Porcelain, Corian®, Anodized Brass and Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Hard Vinyl

· Removes Stage One Corrosion Quickly

    • Hi-Sheen Glass Cleaner

CRL Hi-SHEEN® Glass Cleaner is specially formulated to dissolve the toughest problems a professional will face: Dirt, fingerprints, grime, grease, salts, saps, and smudges.

· Won’t Leave Streaks, Blurs, or Rainbows

· Our Most Popular Aerosol Glass Cleaner

· Quality Products for Any Application or Preference

· Low-Ammoniated Formula

    • CRL Aerosol Plastic cleaner

CRL Aerosol Plastic Cleaner is an anti-static, anti-fog, non-streaking formula that is fast drying and economical to use. Apply it to a variety of plastic materials such as Acrylic, Plexiglas, polycarbonates, and safety glazing panels. CRL Aerosol Plastic Cleaner wipes away without streaking and leaves a sparkling clean surface. This large 19 oz. aerosol will clean a lot of plastic.
· Anti-Static, Anti-Fog, Non-Streaking Formula
· Fast Drying and Economical

    • Silicone Remover/Surface Prep

CRL Silicone Remover/Surface Prep is an ozone-safe volatile methylsiloxane (VMS) fluid developed specifically for use as a cleaning agent and carrier. It is safe for use on a wide range of materials including plastics, metals, painted surfaces, and elastomeric materials. Its mild cleansing action also makes it suitable for cleaning multi-material components and devices.
· Degreaser, Removes Uncured Silicone, Oils and Softens Cured Silicone
· Prepares Surfaces to be Sealed, Painted, or Bonded
· Evaporates at Room Temperature
· Safe on Plastics, Non-Corrosive to Metals
· VOC Exempt

    • Sparkle Cleaner and Remover

CRL “Sparkle” Cleaner does those glass cleaning jobs too tough for spray-on cleaners. It removes light water spots and stains in glass caused by weather, sea air, or pollution; also removes soap scum from shower doors and ceramic tile. Use it on auto glass to remove water spots from automatic windshield washers. Wipe on with a damp cloth or paper towel, rub stained areas, then wipe off.

· Cleans Light Water Stains from Glass

· Removes Soap Scum from Shower Doors

· Use on Auto Glass for Water Spots